Contact Your Public Officials


City Council

Please call or email members of the Saint Paul City Council, particularly Ward 5 Council Member Amy Brendmoen, and let them know that you strenuously OPPOSE ANY ATTEMPT TO DEMOLISH rather than repurpose the historic St. Andrew's building.

Your voice matters. Please call or email your representatives; they need to know that we care.

The St. Andrews church building was designed by St. Paul’s first city architect, Charles Hausler, and is a part of the Warrendale-Como history and cultural heritage. Let’s not destroy it to build a gym.

Remind Council Members that DEMOLITION IS FOREVER. Further, the TCGIS plans for demolition are NOT in alignment with Saint Paul’s Comprehensive Plan which states the city will: “prioritize the retention of designated historic resources (or those determined eligible for historic designation) over demolition when evaluating planning and the development projects that require or request City action, involvement, or funding.”, Dai Thao, 651-266-8610, Rebecca Noecker, 651-266-8620, Chris Tolbert, 651-266-8630, Mitra Jalali Nelson, 651-266-8640, Amy Brendmoen, 651-266-8650, Kassim Busuri, 651-266-8660, Jane L. Prince, 651-266-8670

You may also submit your argument to where it will become part of the public recor.


Mayor’s Office

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Mayor Carter encourages you to present your arguments to the City Council either at a public hearing or by submitting your argument to where it will become part of the public record. Submit your argument in writing to for review.

Office of Mayor Melvin Carter


Como Community Council

If you live in District 10, you please call or email the District 10 Como Community Council. They hold an advisory role to the City Council, and will put forth recommendations based on what they hear from residents.

Phone: 651-644-3889 
Office Hours: Most weekdays (call for an appointment)