The Tragic Destruction of the Church of St. Andrew and How Local Government Failed Us
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The Tragic Destruction of the Church of St. Andrew and How Local Government Failed Us

St. Andrew’s eligibility and historical significance was confirmed by experts from MN.  That’s the Trifecta - St. Paul’s Heritage Preservation Commission,  MN State Historic Preservation Office and the National Heritage Registry.  No one can deny that this was anything less than an attack on MN history

 St. Paul City Council & decision makers ignored decades-old preservation law & undermined the intent of City and State Statutes 

A dream team of activist neighbors, professionals, experts, consultants, HPC, and a top-shelf legal team couldn’t save St. Andrew’s from divisive politics

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Save Historic St. Andrew’s Community Rally

Come join us-RAIN or SHINE- as we gather to pay tribute to St. Andrew’s, the immigrant communities who built it & the neighborhood that has held it close to their hearts for 92 years.  It may be our last chance to do so.

It is also an opportunity to demonstrate our unwavering support to a cause that is righteous & make one more plea of our elected officials, the courts, & people of good will everywhere not to let the outcome be a tragic one that is avoidable.

By saving St. Andrew’s & finding a collaborative path to reuse, we can begin to heal the acrimonious divide that the planned demolition has created in our beloved neighborhood. 

For more information, email us at

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City Council - Improper Procedure Appeal

On June 5 the City Council will consider the appeal, filed by SHSA, about improper procedures by the Planning Commission.  SHSA will have 15 minutes to present to our case as will TCGIS.  Should City Council deny our appeal, TCGIS will begin its expansion plan which includes demolition.  This is an important meeting to attend and show your support.

Please call, write or email your City Council member before June 5th.

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City Council - Hearing on Historic Designation

On May 15 the City Council will hold a public hearing whether to historically designate St. Andrew’s. The fact that the Saint Paul Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) and the Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) both support the application for historic designation of the former St. Andrew’s Church confirms that those who have expertise about historic preservation also find the building to be historically significant.  Recently, St. Andrew’s has been declared eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

Please call, write or email your City Council member before May 15th.

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St. Andrew's Community Reunion
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St. Andrew's Community Reunion

Here's your chance to reconnect with old friends and also help save a historic former church, designed by notable architect Charles Hausler, and deemed eligible for heritage preservation status by both the St. Paul Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) and the Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)!

Admission includes free Taco Bar, Happy Hour Drink Prices, Silent Auction, and More!
Tickets: $12 in advance; $15 at the door 

Advance tickets can be purchased online at: https:\\\event\4071530\

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Zoning Committee Public Hearing

This is a critically important meeting to attend. St. Paul residents — please join us!

This is our chance to refute claims that St. Andrew’s was abandoned by the community, that it sat idle for years, that designation increases the risk of vacancy, or that it would be impossible to sell. This is a chance to state that expansion and loss of a historic landmark harms the residential and historic charter of the neighborhood. This is a very important meeting.

TCGIS supports enrolling significantly more students on a small site (see table below for comparison with similar schools). This is creating new problems for the community including overcrowding, congestion and, of course, the loss of a historic landmark. 

TCGIS 1.78 acres 648 students 
Great River 3.4 acres 422 students
Chelsea Heights 3.79 acres 469 students
Murray Middle 4.40 acres 693 students
Como Park Elementary 4.90 acres 508 students
Crossroads Elementary 8.43 acres 552 students

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District 10 Community Council

District 10 Community Council will vote on whether or not to recommend that the City of St. Paul approval the TCGIS Variance Request.

District 10 members are strongly encourage to come. These meetings are incredibly important, and the numbers matter. Even if you aren’t up-to-date on this issue of variances, your presence still makes a difference (and this is a good opportunity to become familiar with the issue). Please come.

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District 10 Land Use Committee Meeting

District 10 will be voting on how to proceed with the TCGIS plans for the demolition of the St. Andrew’s building. Residents of District 10 will have the chance to vote against the demolition and variance requests.

These meetings are VERY IMPORTANT!

The meeting will be held 7-9pm at the Como Park Streetcar Station.

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Saint Paul Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) Public Hearing

The Saint Paul Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) will hold a public hearing to review and make a recommendation to City Council on the local designation of the former Saint Andrew’s Church.

It’s important that SHSA supporters attend to save this building from demolition. There will be those in attendance who will advocate for demolition. We need your help!

The public hearing will be held:

Monday, November 5, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. 
City Council Chambers Room 300 
15 West Kellogg Boulevard, Saint Paul, MN 55102

Saint Andrew’s Church at 1031 Como Avenue West was identified as a potentially eligible historic resource during the comprehensive Historic Sites Survey of Saint Paul and Ramsey County which was completed in 1983.

The church maintains a strong architectural presence in the Lake Como area, Warrendale neighborhood; it is also among Saint Paul’s most distinctive period revival style churches. St. Andrew’s Church was developed by Charles A. Hausler, who served as the first city architect for the City of St. Paul, and whose large and diverse body of work had an important impact on the city. The church also served a community of Hungarian immigrants and is associated with the Hungarian immigrant experience. The broader impact of the church was demonstrated by the five new congregations that were created from the area served by St. Andrew’s Church.

Historic preservation submission (pdf)

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