St. Andrew’s In the News

Please look below for a collection of the many articles, op-eds, and contributions related to the effort to save the Historic St. Andrew’s church building. The point is clear — many, many people across the city and the state care deeply about this building.


May 19 - “Former St. Paul Church At Center Of Historic Preservation Debate,” WCCO News (with video)

May 15 - “A charter school’s attempt to sabotage historic preservation and the people trying to save it,” City Pages center story

April 29 - St. Paul says no EAW needed on former St. Andrew’s Church plans, Park Bugle

April 10 - No environmental review needed of Twin Cities German Immersion School project in St. Paul, Pioneer Press

April 6 — “Former Como Church Could be Historic Site,” Pioneer Press

April 4 — “State Office Supports Historic Designation for St. Andrew's Building,” District 10 Como Community Council

March 18 — “German School project on hold for EAW review,” Park Bugle

March 4 — “Fate of old St. Andrew’s church building and German Immersion School expansion on hold,”Pioneer Press

March 1 — “Environmental Petition Delays City Council's TCGIS Decisions”, District 10 Como Community Council

February 22 — “Compromise to save the former St. Andrew’s church building,” Pioneer Press

February 21 — “District 10 Appeals Results of Commission's Vote on TCGIS,” District 10 Como Community Council

February 20 — “Residents ask St. Paul City Council to block German Immersion School expansion, church demolition,” Pioneer Press

February 19 — “Putting the ‘public’ back into public charter schools,” MinnPost

February 17 — “The case for saving St. Andrew’s Church building,” Park Bugle

February 17 — “Opposing the Twin Cities German Immersion School expansion," Park Bugle

February 11 — “German Immersion School expansion absent collaboration with community,” St. Paul Monitor

February 11 — “Uproar over planning commission vote on TCGIS building project,” St. Paul Monitor

February 1 — “The Charter School Next Door,” The Progressive

January 21 — “HPC Clears Way for Historic Designation,” District 10 Como Community Council

December 19 — “St. Paul NAACP Statement Concerning the Proposed Expansion of the Twin Cities German Immersion School”

December 10 — ”Debate on St. Andrew’s Church continues; City Council to decide fate”, St. Paul Monitor

December 10— ”Commission favors saving St. Andrew’s from wrecking ball”, St. Paul Monitor

December 10 — ”Meet St. Andrew’s Church designer Charles A. Hausler”, St. Paul Monitor

December 8 — ”German school’s quest to raze ‘landmark’ St. Paul church may fall to city council”, Pioneer Press

November 9 — ”Historic site or hindrance? St. Paul church is caught in a battle between the past and the future”, City Pages

November 5 — ”Former St. Paul church clears hurdle, seeks historic designation from commission”, Minneapolis Star Tribune

November 5 — “St. Paul panel wants preservation of Como church building that charter school wants to raze”, Pioneer Press

October 24 — “Historic Designation Could Save Former St. Paul Church From Wrecking Ball,” KSTP Eyewitness News (with video)

October 19 — “HPC Recommends Historical Designation for St. Andrew's”, D10 Community Council

October 13 — “Sainted and Tainted,” St. Paul Pioneer Press

August 31 — “A new legacy in the Como neighborhood? Not at our expense,” St. Paul Pioneer Press

August 7 — “German Immersion school board votes to demolish old St. Andrew's Church,” City Pages

Aug 6 — “St. Paul's historic Central Lutheran School closing after 130 years,” Minneapolis Star Tribune

Aug 2 — “School Votes to tear down old church,” D10 Community Council

June 12 — “Neighbors band together to save historic St. Andrew’s Church,” St. Paul Monitor

June 7 — “Future of Old St. Paul Church Sparks Debate,” ABC Eyewitness News (with video)

June 5 — “Retired priest hopes to save childhood church building from demolition,” The Catholic Bulletin

June 1 — “In Como Park, a battle to save St. Andrew's Church from a school's bulldozer,” City Pages

May 21 — Group rallies to prevent tear-down of former St. Andrew church,” The Catholic Spirit

May 11 — “Neighbors hope to save historic St. Andrew church,” Park Bugle

May 8 — “Is German Immersion School affecting neighborhood positively or negatively? Depends on who you ask…” St. Paul Monitor

May 7 — ”TCGIS neighbors want community ‘anchor’ to remain,” St.Paul Monitor

March 27 — “St. Paul school ready to part with its repurposed old church, but neighborhood isn't,” Minneapolis Star Tribune